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About Us

We're a Canadian based Online Headshop bringing a new name to the industry in a major way. Serving happy & loyal customers all around Canada delivering same day to local customers! Unlike other shops, we are NOT a profit based organization, portions of our sales are donated to local & respected charities!

Specializing in an array of top quality smoking products and accessories including CBD, water pipes, grinders, concentrate rigs, & much more! We're here to change the water pipe industry for the long run. Our mission is patients over profits leaving you & your wallet happy! 

After years of seeing the industry be run with flaws and imperfections, we're making the perfect one stop headshop! Never judge a book by it's cover with plans for the near future TGL can be expected to increase in size dramatically over the coming years. The only place we can go from here is up, join along the ride you'll be sure to find quality at The Good Lettuce. Selecting only the highest grade products and partnering up with the most reputable suppliers & manufacturers in the industry to date. Ensuring our customers are satisfied with all products purchased we barter to the best of our abilities to give you those jaw-dropping low prices on popular products. We pride ourselves on being Customer Support Experts and will work with you to the ends of the earth to achieve your guaranteed satisfaction on each and every purchase.