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Now that you have that stunningly beautiful glass bong or wonderful new water pipe, you're probably going to need some additional accessories to get the maximum enjoyment out of it and everything else you got to go along with it.

Attachments for Water Pipes

A downstem is an essential glass piece that fits into a bong or water pipe joint. If it's removeable it's diffused, won't nudge? It's fixed! Downstems function to carry smoke from the banger, nail, slide (or bowl piece) into the water chamber of the glass pipe to filter and cool each hit. Browse our collection of unbreakable and adjustable length metal downstems. We carry a variety of styles so you can tailor your smoking experience to make every meetup epic!

Dry Storage

Glass pop-top jars are containers designed for storing your loose leaf tobacco and dry herbs. These jars keep your legal herbs fresh for long periods of time by keeping them sealed in a regulated environment. Stash jars feature an airtight seal, containing the aromas of the herbs and preventing them from drying out and losing flavour.

Aluminium Stash cans are not only great for those who want to keep their herbs fresh as new, they’re also worthwhile investments for smokers who wish to keep their hobby on the down low. If you’re worried about offending housemates or want to contain smells for travel, we’d definitely recommend them!

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